CCIA Shipping & Returns


Estimated ship times are not guaranteed as some restrictions may apply.
Express shipping options are available with an additional charge. Please contact a Client Support representative for more information.

Estimated shipping windows:

* British Columbia: 3-5 business days
* Alberta: 2-3 business days
* Saskatchewan: 3-5 business days
* Manitoba: 4-5 business days
* Ontario: 5-7 business days
* Quebec: 6-8 business days
* New Brunswick: 9-10 business days
* Newfoundland: 11-14 business days
* PEI: 9-10 business days
* Yukon: 6-13 business days
* Northwest Territories: 6-13 business days
* Nunavut: 12-13 business days


Return Policy

The following return policy impacts all clients of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA), including dealers and producers. It is aligned with the various return policies of the manufacturers CCIA deals with, and therefore may differ from brand to brand, and is subject to change.

Steps to take to return merchandise:

1) Contact our Client Support team at 1-877-909-2333 during regular business hours, 7am-5pm (Mountain Standard Time) to discuss your return, within five business days of receiving your order.

2) Complete the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form.

         a)      An RGA form will be sent to you to fill out and return to CCIA. This form allows the CCIA Distribution team to associate each item with the order history to ensure accuracy. This does not mean that an automatic credit or reimbursement will be issued.

         b)      Each form must contain the following:

    1. Account business name
    2. Your first and last name, address, and telephone number
    3. Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database account number and webstore account number
    4. Preference of a CCIA creditor reimbursement
    5. Product code, quantity, and description for each item
    6. Invoice number for each item
    7. Reason for return
    8. Tag range(s) for each item being returned

3)      Distribution will provide a Return Request (RR) document and shipping instructions to you. Please ensure a copy of the RR is included in the package being returned.

4)      Return the item(s) to CCIA.

a)       In the case of any item shipped in error by CCIA or the client is returning damaged/defective product:

    1. Return the item(s) by following the provided shipping instructions (CCIA’s expense) within two business days of obtaining the RR document
    2. If the items are returned by a carrier of the sender's choice, the sender will be responsible for all costs incurred

b)      In the case of item(s) ordered in error by the client or the product is no longer needed:

    1. Return the item(s) by following the provided shipping instructions (client’s expense) within two business days of obtaining the RR document
    2. In addition, a restocking fee of 10 percent (10%) will be charged to the client


Upon arrival of the return at CCIA Distribution Center:

1)       The return is inspected against the RR document provided to confirm acceptance or rejection of

the return. See “detailed conditions” below for more information.

2)      In cases of acceptance:

a)       A credit note will be issued and sent to the client for reference

b)      If reimbursement was selected by the client, a cheque will be mailed, or an electronic funds transfer (EFT) will be issued (pending EFT compliance) within 30 business days from the date the credit note was issued


Detailed conditions:

1)      Items that can be resold - Return authorized:

All products returned for credit or reimbursement must have been purchased from CCIA and be fit for resale: undamaged, include all components, and in their original packaging. It is CCIA who determines the possibility (or not) of resale.

2)       Items that cannot be resold - The return of an item unsuitable for resale will be:

a)       Rejected unless otherwise agreed upon with a CSR (if the reason for the return is due to damaged or defective items)

b)      The client may then choose to request the item(s) be sent back to them (at the cost of the client) or destroyed

3)      Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, no returns will be accepted in the following cases:

a)       Discontinued, clearance, special order, or custom items

b)      Loop tags or applicators that have been used

c)       Items with missing components or damaged packages

d)      Any item that was not originally purchased from CCIA

e)      Any item found to be non-compliant with CCIA return policies

f)       Any returns shipped more than two days after the date of receiving the RR document/shipping instructions from the Distribution team (exceptions to this case must be authorized by CCIA)


Special cases:

1)       Goat (Caprine) & Cervid tags

Expected livestock identification and traceability regulatory amendments may include goats (caprine) and cervids in the category of ruminants with beef and dairy cattle, bison, and sheep. If goats and cervids are included as federally regulated ruminant species subject to requirements covered under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations, pre-regulatory indicators for goat and cervid identification will become approved indicators for application to the goat and cervid species only.

Goat and cervid producers/custodians choosing to order and purchase pre-regulatory goat or cervid indicators for voluntary application to goats/cervids ahead of expected regulations (e.g. for herd management purposes or otherwise), do so with the understanding that pre-regulatory goat/cervid indicators are purchased “as-is” since, pre-regulatory goat and cervid indicators DO NOT qualify for return, refund, or exchange EVEN IF:

a)       Pre-regulatory goat/cervid indicators do not receive final approval for use in the National Livestock Identification and Traceability Program

b)      Goats and/or cervids are not included in the category of ruminants in the expected livestock identification and traceability regulatory amendments


IMPORTANT: The return of pre-regulatory goat/cervid indicators will be permissible only if a manufacturing defect exists in the indicator’s functionality or if the wrong product was supplied by CCIA due to a picking error.


(Updated December 14, 2023)